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Coming soon - all new area guide!

Now the blog is using Wordpress we have incorporated Google Map technology to give detailed info on named surf spots in South Australia. This new content will appear in the lead up to summer ‘08 when I get time to scratch meself and eventually replace the existing area guide.

And just in case anyone is worried, no, we won’t be lifting the lid on any out of the way spots known only to a few. :)

17 Responses to “Website news”

  1. tutim a computer.wire me up.yall already pack out dis little place in s.a and yah only helping it get worst .have yal forgotten how bad da people in s.a looked down upon us as now everybody wants a peice of da culture.i havent forgotten.

  2. can anyone translate this comment for me? I have absolutely no idea what it means!!

  3. Translation “I don’t have my P plates yet so please leave Southport and Middleton off your map”. I’m pretty sure that’s what it says.

  4. Another surfer just bitching about the breaks getting crowded!
    Get over yourself “Marrubra”!
    Jeez, whatever happened to the term “chillout”!
    Nobody owns the ocean! Everyones gotta right to experience the rush of surfing! From “Slaters” to “little Groms”
    If more people surfed perhaps the world would be a better place!

  5. LOL

  6. i like kali she sounds really really kool! Hey kali i will give you a wave when i see you lol not a wave you can surf on, but a wave like a hand in the air.then we can go and drop in on some locals and have a laugh!

  7. Think its great what u guys have been doing for the local (and abroad) surfing community, i think we can come to terms with knowing that theres no such thing as a secret spot along the adelaide, south coast, but its great to see that this technology is helping everyone score their fair share of waves. Now i dont have 2 pay a fortune 4 unreliable phone surf reports aswell. Like kali stated, i think alot of people have forgotten the real reason why we surf in the first place, for pure stoke. Reignites the kid in me when you think about the waves you,ve surfed over the years like 6 or 7 years ago when i first saw and surfed spitting 2 to 3 foot right wedges……at westies! who woulda thought! that sorta shit is awesome, especially when its practically in your backyard. anyways, love your work guys and for the whingers….get some fuckn real probs 2 bitch about…kises mofos

  8. omg you all are really boring me to tears.none of you are smart leave bizzle b aloan he is ok.and phill you should go join the village people you to derick.

  9. so far i aint seen 1 decent comment made in this section.lmao!but then again what else do you expect from surf starved south sounds like everybody about to die in a plane crash and they just belting out hate rhymes.coz you done run out of bud and got up with a hangover and the surf is still flat with a shred factor of 0/0.then when the waves finally kicked in they couldnt get a wave coz there to many other people seagulling for a 1 footer and the only grill they could find was kiff.b*ch please.oh and nice work on the

  10. lol john merrick

  11. hehe, think you’ve already frizzled your brizzle loco mofo! sounds more like your lifestyle, get some hidden support bra boy…..bender’s obviously got a crush on bizzle bee’s little stinger…..(hence your name)…hehe luv ur work s s oz

  12. oh you guys…. I can always count on you to give me a chuckle LOL

  13. yep……gotta love it

  14. The Dog is saying - Told ya Middleton was SHIT

  15. Hey there ma south australian brethren, my name is Stoo, I’m originally from WA, but now hailing from Qld Gold Coast, and I’m visiting SA and Adelaide for a couple of weeks in August for a work stint. I am keen to find some sweet left or right reefs or points or anything from a heaving beachy to a rollin burger of a wave on the weekends I got off. I have lived in SA, Mylor to be exact, for a year or so, and only ever got taken by the oldz to Victor Harbour or Goolwa a couple of times and once down the Coorong when I was a young grommet.

    I want to find something I can go look at and go F#@K! SA pumps! But I will be happy for anything while I am down there as I just want to find some waves that are better than those onshore sloppy days I can remember from my grommet-hood.

    I’m thinkin of takin a punt on Kangaroo Island or going up and around to Yorke? KI might be better for any given conditions right? or has Yorke got what it takes to turn it on? Can Huey align the elements?

    So AS Robert Downie Jnr says in Tropic Thunder “Got any tips?”

  16. Well then, don’t rely on the surfsouthoz report! It was wrong for the 1000000th time today 14/3 . And I laugh at the comment about people stealing the report details. Do i dare say this is as bad as swellnet….. yes i do.

  17. Oh? You think it was wrong today? What… the Mid Coast wasn’t flat? Waits was actually 6 foot and not 2 foot as we stated? Well… in that case please feel free to provide your detailed summary so that we can adjust our reports to bring them in line with your expectations. Bear in mind your expectations and assessment may be different from everyone else’s, but hey… that’s surf reporting for ya. I am interested you mentioned swellnet though… why might that be, hmmm?


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